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Airdrie's Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge 2011

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TEAM RED—Delphine Long

Here we are in the home stretch of Airdrie’s Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge. I must say that this week will be interesting as many of us are having mixed emotions. Some are glad that the challenge is coming to an end because of injuries and family time that is lost when doing the challenge. Most of us, however, have seen the awesome benefits that have come about because of the challenge. The extra weight gone, the way that we feel, and along the way we have heard how others are inspired to get started on their own weight loss challenge.

The biggest thing that I have learned along the way is how strong you really can become if you eat well, exercise, and use all the tools that you can to maintain your lifestyle change. The Simply for Life program has been easy to follow. I will continue to eat this way even after the challenge is over.

I have really started enjoying and looking forward to the Sunday morning runs. For those of you who want to get started running, you are more that welcome to join us. We meet Sunday morning at the Starbucks on Main Street at 09:00. There are runners, walkers, and yes there are even some four legged critters who join us. Our main goal when we started doing the challenge was the Mayors race, well many of us will be able to complete the 5k run. I am very grateful for finding an excellent running partner in the half of the blue team Kalene has such high energy and pushes as hard as I do to get to the Starbucks for coffee.

I will continue to do classes at Airdrie Yoga & Fitness as I really enjoy both XFit and Zumba. In closing I would like to say thank you to Danielle at Simply for Life, for choosing Jen and I to compete in the challenge. People often ask us if we are winning. What they fail to realise is that win stands for WHAT’S IMPORTANT NOW. And what is important is that we were given an opportunity to change our lives, live healthy, and become strong women—and yes we have won.


TEAM ORANGE—Rula Van Huizen

Well, we are in the final two weeks of this competition and I can’t believe that it is almost over. This has been an amazing experience that I would like to thank Danielle, at Simply For Life, for including myself and Jolene in. I have gained the knowledge and skills to be able to continue this healthy lifestyle even after the challenge is done.

Last night was our last XFit workout with Keira, and it was great! We didn’t use any weights, but used our bodies as resistance, and yet again I am definitely feeling the results from this workout. The running group has been going well. This week I was able to make it the full 7.5km again, and felt really good when I was finished. I have also been trying to do this same distance at least one other time during the week, which I am enjoying even more, now that the weather has become nicer. Once again, I would like to give a huge thanks to those who have supported us throughout this challenge. To Danielle and Zach at Simply For Life, Lois at Here’s The Scoop, Joan, Keira and Cristina at Airdrie Yoga & Fitness, Danielle Doetzel-our trainer, Extreme Pita and especially to my husband and children that have been so supportive throughout the past 12 weeks to help me accomplish what I have done. It has been great getting to know the other teams and I wish them well in all that their future has to hold.


TEAM BLUE—Kalene Smith

Wow what a killer week. Even though both Liz and I have really noticed an improvement in our strength and cardio, it still KILLS the next day. Although now, it is a great positive feeling, a motivation of sorts to keep working hard. We feel we have really come a long way from our first agonizing workout with Lindsay where we couldn’t complete anything.

Even so, don’t think for a minute that Keira from XFit doesn’t continue to kick our butts and find exercises to work muscles we didn’t know we had. With our workout from Lindsay we find that we can keep track of our progress much easier. When we started we began at beginner exercises and are now well onto the intermediate levels. Zumba classes continue to be a blast and with the sunshine, we look forward to our run on Sundays as well as extra runs throughout the week!

Thanks for all the positive support we continue to receive!


TEAM YELLOW—Jackie Winters

Everyone is looking so nice and healthy. All those good recipes from Simply For Life, are sure paying off. I am enjoying having quinoa at lunch. I love the nutty taste and crunchiness. My breakfast smoothies are delicious.

Our lives are really busy with all the exercise and cooking and exercise and cooking and exercise and cooking. Every time I think I’ve finally stretched every muscle in my body, Kiera at XFit lets me know there are still a few muscles left to work on. That class is sure a good workout. I kind of doubt if I’ll be able to qualify for any of the dance shows on tv, even with my Zumba training. It sure is a lot of fun though. Airdrie Yoga & Fitness is a wonderful place for your fitness needs.

Our personal trainer, Marnie, has given us a great workout. I was actually able to do 20 sit ups on Saturday. Prior to Saturday, I was not able to do even one sit up. Yippee!!

On a personal note, I would like to thank my husband for his support and enthusiasm. He has been wonderful. I would also like to thank Dr. Jeremy Reynolds from Release Chiropractic & Wellness for keeping my back stable enough to let me participate in the challenge. I really don’t think I would be able to do this without his help.





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