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Written By Al Jones


QE2 NetworkWell, folks… this issue is a bittersweet one for the ‘Scoop Troupe’. For almost twenty-five years, our little company, that started out of our home, has been serving the city of Airdrie and surrounding areas. For nineteen of those years, we’ve shared our thoughts and journey with our readership through the pages of ‘The Scoop’. As the community grew, so did we. We grew in volume. We grew in client base. We grew in life experience, but most of all, we grew in number of friendships.

Just as a sapling will eventually grow into a tree, the environment that that little sapling grows will have an effect on its growth. Lack of sunlight or nourishment can sometimes stunt its growth and, if not acted on in a timely matter, can lend cause for the tree to recede or, worse yet, even die.

We at ‘Scoop Central’, believe that our current economic environment is cause for stunting our growth. It is time for us to replant and replenish. We need to change the environment we do business in, not just for ourselves, but for our many clients who trust us to help them succeed. It is with these thoughts in mind that we have some very large changes coming to our organization, and to the community we serve.

We are not the only media in this market that feels the need to grow. We are not the only ones who feel that we need to make significant changes to better serve our clients and our community. Therefore, we have decided that this will be our final issue as an independent publication, and we will be joining the Airdrie City View and Great West Newspapers as of next week. This will give their team access to our pool of talent, as well as giving our team access to their pool of talent and resources.

Great West Newspapers is far more than just printing the weekly news. They’ve been striving to create the very best in digital marketing assets for several years. We are excited to be able to offer our community access to those assets moving forward. Some of the new resources we will be able to offer our community include; First Class digital media, digital marketing, website development, search engine optimization (SEO), Google strategies, social media management, numerous publications in surrounding markets in both digital and print media, and special features that will elevate not only the businesses we serve, but the community events we all enjoy. In short, we’ve managed to keep our clients competitive in the past and now, we’ll have the tools to help those same clients dominate the market for the future.

There has been much planning to get to this point and it will probably be a few more months until we can fully maximize our new-found potential. Staff from both organizations are working hard to ensure success. We realize that in this extremely competitive world, both our clients and community are depending on us to succeed.

When the transition is over, the two will become one. Lois and I will be fulfilling new roles and some of our former responsibilities will be passed on to others. We will have more time to meet directly with our clients and get back to what we love doing best, being involved in our community. We will have more colleagues working with us towards a common goal. We will be able to better serve our community and they will benefit from the work of a stronger media.

In short, ‘The Scoop Troupe’ isn’t going anywhere. We are simply amalgamating our family with the Great West family. We’ll still cover community events but they’ll be contained within the pages of the Airdrie City View. Likewise, you’ll still have Brent to deal with any printing needs; such as business cards and brochures. Phyllis will still be managing all of the dedicated carriers that deliver to your door every week. Lois will still look after all of the many clients that have come to depend on her creativity, and you’ll still be able to read my weekly ramblings… I just won’t be on the front page anymore.

I’m not going to lie, folks, when you’ve been running a certain way for so many years, and you’ve become accustomed to a certain flow, it’s not easy to abandon that stream you’ve been floating in. But I was recently reminded by a colleague that the flow of a stream is always at risk of becoming an insignificant trickle. By joining two streams together, you become part of a much stronger river.

Thank you to all who have supported us over the past twenty-five years. We look forward to contributing to, and sharing in, your continued successes moving forward.



Lois Jones

I have so much to say and so little space to say it in. Let me start by saying:  It all started and ended at the same kitchen table. Only that table is now my “boardroom” table.

There are no sad goodbyes from this girl. Of course, my eyes runneth over with emotion. It’s like “the end of an era”. (I’m addicted to Friends, so if you watch the show, you’ll get that reference).

My heart is so very full. From the people we have met, the events we have seen and taken part in, the places we got to go, the amazing team we’ve had along the way to do it with, and the communities and businesses that have supported our efforts throughout the years. All of those special people and memories combined, definitely has sentiment leaking out the sides of our eyes.

While the Scoop will not be a free standing product moving forward, we are very excited to be joining the Great West Family. You might say, it’s one family run organization joining another family run organization. 

The Scoop has always been about community and small business. How can we best service the business community while giving our community a product they can call their own? We can, and will, still do this as part of the Great West Family.

With the plethora of marketing options that are at our fingertips to help the business community, on top of the newspaper, we can better serve the marketing and advertising needs our small businesses and municipalities need to stay competitive and informed in their markets.  We have been reminded through Covid-19 of the importance of our business community and the importance of their contributions to our overall community.  With the new marketing and advertising platforms available, we are very excited to sit with our fellow business cohorts and present some NEW and innovative solutions to the businesses of 2020.

As for our loyal readership, you will continue to see favourite portions of the Scoop inside The View. You can continue to email or phone me with your ideas. Please update your contact information:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and 403-948-1885 (I best put that in my contacts, too, as it’s going to take a bit for me to remember the new number).

There is no way I can possibly list all of the names of the people who have made a difference over the years.  We are relationship people, and I just don’t have the space to begin to story share. Al, Lois, Brent, and Phyllis, whom most of you know, are still right here.

I liken this to my children. The Scoop has been our baby for just shy of 19 years. Distribution has been our base for almost 25 years. When our son moved out, then got married, it was celebrated.  When our daughter moved out, settled down, and blessed us with a grandchild that was celebrated.  Now the Scoop is ready to fly the coop and we are at peace knowing it’s in good hands within the pages of the Airdrie City View and the Great West Newspaper family.

“The New View”. Same great local news, community, and sports coverage you expect, just a little light side mixed in. Keep sending those recipes, pets, pictures, and jokes. Keep packing us along on your travels. There are no goodbyes, here, just two families joining as one, and we hope you’ll celebrate with us.





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